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Suicide Attempts of Muslims Compared With Other Religious Groups in the US

Rania Awaad, MD; Osama El-Gabalawy, MD, MS; Ebony Jackson-Shaheed, MPH; Belal Zia, MA; Hooman Keshavarzi, PsyD; Dalia Mogahed, MBA; Hamada Altalib, DO, MPH
JAMA Network
July 21, 2021

A Survey of Islamic Clergy & Community Leaders Regarding Muslim Mental Health First Responder Training

Farhad Syed, Sara Keshavarzi, Naushin Sholapur, Hooman Keshavarzi
Journal of Muslim Mental Health

Spiritual Counseling And Care In Health And Prison Services: Diverse Experiences & Practices

December 12, 2020

Toward a framework for Islamic psychology and psychotherapy: An Islamic model of the soul.

Rothman, A. & Coyle, A
Journal of Religion and Health
June 15, 2018

An Islamic Theoretical Orientation to Psychotherapy.

Rothman, A.
In York, C. (Ed.), Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy: Uniting faith and professional practice (pp. 25-56). West Conshohocken, PA: Templeton Press.
August 8, 2018

Conceptualizing an Islamic psychotherapy: A grounded theory study. Spirituality in Clinical Practice. American Psychological Association. Advance online publication.

Rothman, A. & Coyle, A.
APA PsychArticles
August 10, 2020

Obsessional Disorders in al-Balkhi’s 9th century treatise: Sustenance of the Body and Soul

Awaad, R. & Ali, S.
Journal of Affective Disorders
July 15, 2015

A Process-Oriented Approach to Teaching Religion and Spirituality in Psychiatry Residency Training

Awaad, R., Ali, S., Salvador, M., Bandstra, B
Springer Link
December 16, 2014

A modern conceptualization of phobia in al-Balkhi’s 9th century treatise: Sustenance of the Body and Soul

Awaad, R. & Ali, S.
Journal of Anxiety Disorders
January 2, 2015

Considerations for clinicians treating Muslim patients with psychiatric disorders during Ramadan

Furqan, Z., Awaad, R., Kurdyak, P., Husain, M. I., Husain, N., Zaheer, J.
May 2, 2019

US policy of public charge inadmissibility and refugee suicides

Awaad, R., Dailami, M. & Noureddine, N.
The Lancet: Psychiatry
March 3, 2020

Evaluation of factors affecting attitudes of Muslim Americans toward seeking and using formal mental health services

Khan, F., Khan, M., Soyege, H., & Maklad, S.
Journal of Muslim Mental Health
December 4, 2019

Islamophobia and Psychiatry

H. Steven Moffic, John Peteet, Ahmed Zakaria Hankir, Rania Awaad (Editors)
November 6, 2019

Outlining a Psychotherapy Model for Enhancing Muslim Mental Health Within an Islamic Context

Keshavarzi, H. & Haque, A.
The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion
July 3, 2013

Integrating indigenous healing methods in therapy: Muslim beliefs and practices

Haque, A. & Keshavarzi, H.
International Journal of Culture and Mental Health
February 2, 2014

Integrating Islamic Traditions in Modern Psychology: Research Trends in Last Ten Years

Haque, A., Khan, F., Keshavarzi, H. & Rothman, A.
Journal of Muslim Mental Health
August 3, 2016

Forensic Psychiatry/Psychology in Islamic Law

Ali, B. & Keshavarzi, H.
Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic Bioethics
November 7, 2017

Outlining a Case Illustration of Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy

Keshavarzi, H. & Khan, F.
Templeton Press
Book Chapter
August 2, 2018

Islamic Perspectives on Psychological and Spiritual Well-being and Treatment

Keshavarzi, H & Ali, B (2018)
Book Chapter
November 1, 2018

An interdisciplinary framework for Islamic cognitive theories

Kaplick, P., Hassan, A., Yusuf, A. & Keshavarzi, H.
February 17, 2019

Navigating ethical dilemmas between professional mental health ethics and religious values

Elzamzamy, K. & Keshavarzi, H.
Journal of Islamic Faith & Practice, 2 (2).
July 1, 2019

Applying Islamic Principles to Clinical Mental Health Care: Introducing Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy.

Keshavarzi, H., Khan, F., Ali, B. & Awaad, R.
July 27, 2020