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Counseling Services

Khalil Center offers a variety of counseling services to serve the growing mental health needs of our Muslim communities - all inspired by the Qur’an, Sunnah, and the Islamic spiritual sciences (tazkiyah/tasawwuf).

Our current offering of therapy services includes the following:

Individual Counseling

Talk therapy between a therapist and a client, focused on helping the client meet their individual goals while being supported and validated to promote growth & a healthy life.

Marital Counseling

Talk therapy between a therapist and a couple focused on the needs and goals of the relationship to encourage healthy communication, establish a loving & trusting bond, and nurture growth for the marriage.

Family Counseling

Talk therapy between a therapist and members of a family focused on improving the communication and relationship among family members with a goal of fostering healthy ties.

NOTE: All case history and content are kept strictly confidential in accordance with HIPPA privacy regulations and the state confidentiality regulations. Any case details would only be discussed amongst the treatment & supervision team for the purposes of optimizing services.
Disclaimer: Please be advised that clients located in states where Khalil Center has no jurisdiction to practice will only be offered psychologically informed spiritual consultations.

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Khalil Center Fees

If you are unable (or find it challenging) to pay the fee, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Check your area's annual income chart for financial assistance estimates.

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