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Mental Health of Muslim College Students: Perceptions, Stigmas, and Support Systems Yusra Ahmed and Dr. Fahad Khan

“We plan and God plans.” This aphorism is the mantra for the believer. It is the crux of our relationship with destiny, and the last thread we hang onto.

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Cultivating Mental Wellness Amidst Advocacy

A Reflection on Recent Pro-Palestinian College Encampments & Liberation Zones

Here at Khalil Center, we understand the interconnectedness of mental, spiritual and emotional well-being with our broader social and political realities.

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Khalil Center Foundation Hosts First Islamic Psychology Symposium

In collaboration with HBKU CIS, IAIP, and ISIP, the Khalil Center concluded its very first Islamic Psychology Symposium.

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Khalil Center Invited For 1-Day OCD Training In London, UK

Khalil Center is hosted for the first-ever, 1-day training on the treatment of religious OCD in London, UK.



Khalil Center Publishes First Islamically Integrated Workbook on OCD Treatment

Khalil Center Publishes the First Workbook on Islamic OCD - a much-needed manual for Muslims struggling with OCD scrupulosity.



Khalil Center Hosts TIIP Level 1 Training in Chicago, USA

Khalil Center delivered its flagship Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) Level 1 training in Chicago, Illinois - the first ever in the United States.



Khalil Center’s Statement regarding the London Family Attack

Khalil Center stands in support of the London Muslim community and all those impacted by this tragedy, and  will do everything in its capacity to provide the necessary services needed for healing and growth.



Khalil Center Visits San Francisco State University to Discuss Cultural Humility

Khalil Center was invited to the San Francisco State University Department of Counseling for an elaborate workshop on Cultural Humility and Competency in Working with Muslim Middle Eastern and Muslim Arab Populations.



Embracing the Infinite Wisdom of God & Leaping with Faith into the Unknown

“We plan and God plans.” This aphorism is the mantra for the believer. It is the crux of our relationship with destiny, and the last thread we hang onto.



Khalil Center visits Square Inc. to discuss the importance of mental health care during the pandemic

Khalil Center therapist, Jabir Tarin from the Bay Area, visited Square Inc. for a presentation and discussion on the importance of mental health care amidst the COVID-19 pandemic



Khalil Center Conducts First-Ever TIIP Introductory Series

Khalil Center worked with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Turkey’s Ibn Haldun University to launch a joint 6-part Continuing Education training program.



Mental Health 101: An Islamically Integrated Perspective

Muslim Mental Health 101 The terms mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, self-care and other similar terms are commonly heard these days. They casually come up …



Strategies for Managing Stress and Increasing Productivity During a ‘Shelter in Place’

The suddenness of the COVID-19 Pandemic change has drastically impacted all of our lives and has compelled everyone to make immediate lifestyle changes.



NEW KC Book Publication: Applying Islamic Principles to Clinical Mental Health Care: Introducing TIIP

TIIP is an integrative model of mental health care that is grounded in the core principles of Islam while drawing upon empirical truths in psychology. The book introduces the basic foundations of TIIP.



Khalil Center Canada Featured in the “Globe & Mail”

See the below link to find the article that featured Khalil Center’s groundbreaking work in Canada and US.