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Career Counseling

Career development is a lifelong process through which an individual comes to understand themselves in a more holistic and comprehensive manner.

Career development is a lifelong process through which an individual comes to understand themselves in a more holistic and comprehensive manner. An individual’s personality, values, goals, interests, strengths, and skills relating to the world of work and their role in the workplace are highlighted through this important process. Questions, such as these, are important to consider and clarify:

  • What do I consider as my strengths and areas of growth? How do I see myself in the world of work?

  • What are my interests and work values?

  • What career options and opportunities are available for me out there?

  • How do I envision my career in the future?

  • How will I prepare for the career I want to pursue?

Why is Career Counseling Important?

  1. It serves as a guide to clients to help clarify professional interests through means of self-discovery, career exploration, experiential learning, goal-setting, and professional development opportunities.

  2. It provides guidance to clients to help develop a fundamental understanding and awareness of the skills, knowledge, and experience that are important for clients in pursuing their personal, professional, and career development goals.

  3. It fosters a sense of agency and purpose for clients to pursue career goals and aspirations with confidence and self-assurance.

  4. It guides clients in identifying career development resources, job opportunities, and professional development.

Program Details

Recommended sessions



$100 per session


Each session is 50-60 minutes in length

Program Goals

  • Learn more about careers and professional development opportunities that are of interest

  • Conduct research online regarding careers of interest to you, including information on job titles, companies, industries, and labor market information and trends. 

  • Assess and develop a better understanding of your interests, values, personality, skills, and strengths. 

  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in a field of interest. 

  • Attend and take part in career development-related programs, workshops, and conferences. 

  • Engage in job-shadowing with a professional in a field of interest. 

  • Encourage communicating with family, friends, mentors, colleagues, and supervisors regarding how your interests and personal values align with career paths of potential interest. 

  • Clarify where you want to go with your career through experiential learning activities. 

  • Identify benefits of volunteer work, such as volunteering for a specific cause. 

  • Strategize how to obtain an internship, job shadowing or volunteer opportunities. 

  • Explore part-time job opportunities. 

  • Identify opportunities for leadership, community involvement, and professional development

  • Serve as a guide to help determine which career goals you want to pursue.

  • Help reflect on what you learned through your experiences and research. 

  • Consider where you are currently and where you want to be. 

  • Develop an action plan with strategies and objectives to accomplish your goals. 

  • Encourage you to develop skills to accomplish your career goals. 

  • Create a professional resume and cover letter. 

  • Practice and improve your interview skills. 

  • Build and strengthen your personal brand. 

  • Leverage your professional network. 

  • Encourage you to be intentional with your work and remain professional with your colleagues, mentors, and supervisors. 

  • Build a strong network through establishing and maintaining positive relationships in the world of work. 

  • Share opportunities to become involved with professional development associations and leadership organizations. 

  • Seek opportunities for continuing education and professional development and growth

  • Consistently keep track of and assess your career goals, values, and priorities