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Mental Health Services

Get psychological, psychiatric, & counseling services here. We serve adults, youth, children, couples, & families

Our Model of Care

The TIIP therapeutic framework was developed by Khalil Center leadership to integrate professional psychology into an Islamic framework by accessing our 1400-year-old tradition dating back to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself. At Khalil Center, we believe that Islam answers critical questions about a person’s spirituality and behavior that must be utilized in mainstream clinical mental health practice.

Why Khalil Center?

  1. We ensure that fundamental Islamic beliefs are considered in the client-patient relationship.

  2. We integrate classical spiritual practices into clinical practice by utilizing interventions such as the following:

    1. Murāqabah (Islamic Contemplation)

    2. Duʿā (Supplications)

    3. Dhikr

  3. We acknowledge the complex construct of a human being as outlined for us in the divine sources by focusing on all the following areas:

    1. ʿaql (cognition)

    2. nafs (behavioral inclinations)

    3. rūḥ (spirit)

    4. iḥsās (emotions)