About Us

Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual community wellness center advancing the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles.

An initiative designed to address the widespread prevalence of social, psychological, familial, relational and spiritual issues of Muslim communities.

Khalil Center’s approach emphasizes: psychological reconstruction, behavioral reformation and spiritual elevation. Khalil Center utilizes faith-based approaches rooted in Islamic theological concepts while integrating the science of psychology towards addressing psychological, spiritual and communal health.

Our Clinics Offer

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Play Therapy Rooms
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Nurturing Environments
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Islamic Integration
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Compassion Care
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Meet the Board

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Mawlana Bilal Ali

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Khalil Demir

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Executive Director

Hooman Keshavarzi


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Mohsin Khan


dr fahad khan

Deputy Director & Clinical Director

Fahad Khan

Psy.D., Consultant to the Board

Community Sponsorships

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Zakat Chicago

Zakat Chicago is an essential community partner of Khalil Center. They provide financial support in order increase the accessibility of our mental health services to the Chicago Muslim community. As a community grassroots organization focused on local collection and distribution, through this support we are able to remove the monetary barriers for many of our patients at Khalil Center. Zakat Chicago supplies a significant portion of the funding for our Zakat eligible patients in the Greater Chicago Area.

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Penny Appeal

Penny Appeal Canada is a generous supporter of the Khalil Center, providing financial support to help provide Khalil Center’s high-quality, spiritually integrated mental health services for individuals in the Canadian Muslim community who are from low socio-economic backgrounds. This project is part of Penny Appeal Canada’s At Home initiative, which aims to alleviate poverty for marginalized and racialized communities from low socio-economic backgrounds. 

Academic Partnerships

Students who are looking to gain education in an Islamically oriented graduate program may consider the following prospective academic institutions where Khalil Center school’s faculty is represented and a grounding in Islamic Psychology is provided: