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Healing Hearts and Minds

We believe that by addressing the mental and spiritual well-being of individuals, we can build stronger and more resilient communities.

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Mental Health Services

Get psychological, psychiatric, & counseling services here. We serve adults, youth, children, couples, & families

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School of Islamic Psychology & Research

Khalil School of Islamic Psychology & Research is the academic home for Khalil Center. Learn more about opportunities for professional education, clinical training, & research​.

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Community Education

Get access to community workshops, seminars, events, classes, & online courses for marriage, parenting, & more.

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More About Khalil Center

Who We Are

Our wellness centers integrate Islamic spiritual approaches into professional psychology to help achieve optimal, holistic health by providing a wide variety of mental health services.

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What We Do

Heal individuals and communities through a wide range of Islamically integrated psychological services to ensure the mental health needs of our Muslim communities are adequately served.

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What We Represent

We are revitalizing the centuries-old Islamic tradition of faithful tranquility through the dissemination of our very own modality of psychotherapeutic treatment: TIIP - Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy

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