Khalil Center Publishes First Islamically Integrated Workbook on OCD Treatment

Khalil Center releases The Islamic Workbook for Religious OCD (Waswasa): A Guide for Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and Compulsions. The book was published in August 2022 by the Claritas Books publishing house and officially released at our annual TIIP Level 1 & 2 training in Istanbul, Turkey.

This workbook provides a much-needed manual for those struggling with OCD scrupulosity and assists them during their journey to recovery. It includes activities and exercises that readers can put into effect on their own. The workbook will serve as a unique resource for clinicians, clergy, and clients in providing Islamically integrative psychoeducation and offering intervention methods in different domains (cognitive, behavioral, & emotional).

Not only does the workbook draw from both the Islamic tradition and modern psychological literature on OCD, but is also is rooted in Khalil Center’s TIIP modality, thereby reflecting an fully integrated treatment approach.

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