cultural humility competence

Khalil Center discusses Cultural Humility & Competency with Muslim Middle Eastern and Arab Populations at San Francisco State University

Khalil Center was invited to the San Francisco State University Department of Counseling for an elaborate workshop on Cultural Humility and Competency in Working with Muslim Middle Eastern and Muslim Arab Populations. The workshop was a didactic session for Master’s in Counseling students at SFSU. Seasoned therapist Jabir Tarin shared case studies in working with Middle Eastern and Arab populations in the counseling context, paying special attention to sensitivities to be aware of with Muslim, Middle Eastern/Arab clients in particular. Jabir discussed the various factors (social, cultural, political, religious) that impact this population’s wellbeing and mental health. He also discussed relevant resources that can be drawn upon locally to better serve Muslim-identifying Middle Eastern and Arab clients.

Author: Transform Studios
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