Attendees attentively listen to Mawlana Bilal's presentation on Spiritual Interventions
Attendees attentively listen to Mawlana Bilal's presentation on Spiritual Interventions

Khalil Center Hosts TIIP Level 1 Training in Chicago, USA

In order to meet increased demand following successful TIIP trainings held in Istanbul, Turkey and Islamabad, Pakistan, earlier in the year, Khalil Center delivered its flagship Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) Level 1 training in Chicago, Illinois - the first ever in the United States. The training was held at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology - a prestigious psychological institution located in the heart of Chicago right by the beautiful Chicago River. The training was held on October 17th - October 21, 2022.  

TIIP Level 1 training is unique in the mental health space due to the holistic framework and integrative nature. The modality offers an intersection of modern behavioral science and mental health care with an inherently Islamic psychotherapy model rooted deeply in the Islamic intellectual heritage.

The training provided an orientation to the foundational principles of the TIIP model including a discussion of Islamic epistemology (asbābal-‘ilm), a review of holistic schemas of health and pathology, nature of the human being, ontological structure of the human psyche, principles of change, and the role of the TIIP practitioner in reinforcing holistic health. 

The attendees learned to conceptualize patients according to the TIIP model and construct corresponding treatment plans based on TIIP core principles of change. It was a unique opportunity for participants to learn how to integrate Islamic concepts and practices  into  mainstream mental health services. 

We welcomed 50 attendees from across the United States including clinical psychologists, therapists, counselors, Islamic scholars, and students from mental health-related fields.  The training, when attended in full, offered attendees 17.5 APA CEs* for psychologists and 17.5 BBS California CEUs** for licensed counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists. 

*Continuing Education credits offered by the American Psychological Association

** Continuing Education credits offered by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

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