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Munsif Mubarak completed his Bachelor of Science (majors in psychology and health studies) from the University of Toronto. Upon graduation, he spent seven years in al-Madinah al-Munawwarah studying the Islamic sciences within Masjid-un-Nabawi and in the homes and circles of various scholars. Munsif completed his associate degree in Arabic Language and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Classical Arabic Literature/Linguistics) from the Islamic University of Medina. Upon returning to Toronto in 2017, he served as an associate imam at Masjid-ut-Taqwa for one year. Munsif is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Pastoral Studies with a certification in spiritual care and psychotherapy from the University of Toronto. He also serves as an instructor at The Zakariyya Academy for Advanced Islamic Studies (Islamic Centre of Oshawa)

Munsif has been a disciple of Shaykh Zakariyya Patel of Masjid-ut-Taqwa since he was nine years old and continues to attend his weekly lessons in loving and living the way of Messenger of Allah [upon him be peace and salutations].

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