Religious consultations fall under services designed to offer religious awareness, education and religious rulings (fatwas) regarding individuals with mental health or family concerns. At times, people with mental health concerns have particular religious dispensations, rights, or privileges that are consequential to their mental health.

Mental health considerations are inherently built into the Islamic tradition, as mental status considerations, such as obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, severe major depression, bipolar disorder, intellectual disabilities, cognitive decline/dementia, severe psychopathology, etc… can impact a variety of areas of Muslim life, including: faith and belief, ritual worship, marital life, social dealings, business contracts, inheritance, etc…

The procedure for religious consultations begins with the scheduling of an appointment with our religious consultants who will then conduct a preliminary interview to gather all pertinent information regarding the case. A mental status interview can be additionally scheduled with one of Khalil Center’s expert clinicians. Thereafter, a follow-up session is arranged with the client informing them about their case-specific religious considerations, obligations, responsibilities, accommodations, etc… Ongoing psychological care may also be arranged for the client in light of the religious consultation.

Note that fees and billing for such services follow the same procedures as our psychological services.


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