Pre-Marital Coaching level: Prospective Couples Coaching

This mode of intervention is designed as a private and specific method to address concerns of a potential couple before the Nikkah ceremony is performed. The goal is for the couple to assess their own compatibility as well as educate themselves on the Islamic marriage model.

*NOTE: The delivery of therapy may vary between clinicians; however, the overarching goals will remain the same.


Without sharing with each other, both clients must fill out a questionnaire on various topics such as religion, culture, personality, finances, health, living situation, role expectations, relationship with family and friends, and other possible conflict  of interests.


To inquire about the purpose of pre-marital coaching/education and identify specific goals to be accomplished by the end of the process. For example, some couples utilize pre-marital coaching to help them determine if they are right for each other and this happens early on in the process. However, other couples have already selected a date for their wedding and want to use this time to get to know each other and identify differences and how to resolve them.


To identify and educate on personal, cultural, personality, family, religiosity, and gender differences that may exist between the two individuals.


To work with each person separately and identify how their upbringing and childhood, as well as current personal factors may potentially clash with their prospective spouse. To also discuss how to overcome some of these potential clashes.


To discuss Muslim models of marriage. To learn Islamic roles and responsibilities of each spouse as well as their personal, familial and social contexts and what to expect in the first couple of years of marriage. To also discuss common issues such as in-laws, finances, plans for future children, etc.

The number of sessions varies from case to case


Pre-marital Coaching/Counseling Program:

  • Cost: $150 per session
  • Each session is 50-60 minutes in length.

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