kashmala qasim

Kashmala Qasim

Researcher and Counsellor


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Kashmala Qasim completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology from the University of Toronto and completed a Masters in Neuroscience from McMaster University. She also received the Taleem ul Quran Diploma from Al Huda Institute and has been a lecturer at the Islamic Online University. Kashmala has also received Level 1 Pastoral Counseling training from the University of Toronto. 

She is now pursuing a PhD in Psychology at York University, looking at the role of recitation, reflection and reclamation of the Quran and its relationship to Muslim women’s perceptions and experiences of empowerment within a gendered and faith-centred community. 
Kashmala is working within a Research role at Khalil Center, and is currently completing a graduate-level research internship looking at developing and assessing technology-enabled mental health services for ethnic minority groups as well as conducting virtual, arts-based peer support groups. 

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Urdu