TIIP Supervision

In order to be eligible for certification as a TIIP psychotherapist one must complete the first two educational levels of the TIIP training. 

The supervision requires that you complete 150 hours of supervised practice of TIIP. This means that you must have utilized TIIP as your primary therapeutic modality for psychotherapy with your patients.  

During the course of your practice, you will be required to have weekly supervision from an approved TIIP supervisor that is assigned to you. Upon completion of these 150 hours, you will be required to present a case study to a panel of 3 TIIP certified practitioners (which includes your supervisor) who will evaluate your adherence and capacity to utilize the framework within a psychotherapeutic setting. 

If approved, then upon the discretion of the committee, you will be provided a certificate denoting your authorization to be a TIIP practitioner and then added to the directory of TIIP certified practitioners. 

Please be advised that the mere completion of all levels does not automatically render you certified, rather it is only upon the discretion of the committee that considers your suitability to represent and utilize the TIIP framework.