This RAMADAN you can give the most precious gift – Healing!

Transforming lives and healing hearts through traditional Islamically-integrated psychotherapy


Each of us impacts those around us, for good or for ill, based on the condition of our heart. At Khalil Center, we provide therapy that embraces the spirituality of the client to facilitate positive transformation, and this extends beyond an individual to impact our entire ummah for the better, insha’Allah! Making an investment in Khalil Center means building stronger Muslim individuals, husbands, wives, parents, families, mosques, and communities. 


Our work would be impossible without compassionate supporters like you joining the movement.  Give $100, $500, $1000, your ZAKAT, or any amount of your choice, and you’ll be standing with Muslims who are experiencing mental or emotional pain.
We need 5,000 people to give $100 or more to reach our Ramadan goal!

How your support helps others

We believe it is a moral imperative to consider the impact that mental health
struggles are having on individuals and our community as a whole. By supporting Khalil Center, you are:

Providing Mental Health Services

Providing Traditionally Islamically-Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP)

Giving Community Response Trainings

Teaching the Science & Spirituality of Marriage

Providing Religious Consultation

Transform hurting hearts to HEALING
HEARTS with YOUR SUPPORT of Khalil Center.

Khalil Center utilizes faith-based approaches rooted in Islamic theological concepts while integrating the science of psychology. Our methods address psychological, spiritual and communal health. In simpler terms: we move hurting hearts to healing hearts for the benefit of individuals and our broader community. We apply our proprietary methodology: traditional Islamically-integrated psychotherapy (TIIP).

This Ramadan, help your fellow Muslims who are experiencing emotional and mental pain. By supporting others in practicing our Islamic tradition of mental and emotional wellness, you can give the precious gift of healing to hearts that are hurting.

Maximize your reward by giving in the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

zakat eligible and tax-deductible

GOAL $300,000