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Shaykh Rami serves as currently serves as religious consultant to Khalil Center Bay Area, where he specializes in applying Islamic law and ethics to mental health concerns within the center.

Rami Nsour spent a number of years in Mauritania where he studied at some of the foremost Islamic Colleges (mahdaras). He completed studies in various subjects Islamic studies and received traditional teaching licenses (ijaza) to transmit what he learned. In addition to his extensive study of Islamic law (fiqh), he was afforded an extraordinary ‘in-residence’ experience to train in answering questions (fatwa) of Islamic faith, law and practice.

Rami has translated traditional Islamic texts, done extensive spiritual counseling and public speaking, and teaches regularly both in-person and online. He co-founded the Tayba Foundation, which is the first organization to offer a distance-learning program in Islamic Education to incarcerated men and women in the United States. What began with one student in one prison 18 years ago, has grown into the Tayba Foundation which has served 7,000 incarcerated men and women in over 42 states across 600 prisons. He has extensive experience in curriculum development, specifically with character (akhlaq). Rami serves as a board member and religious consultant to the Khalil Center, an Islamically rooted mental health center and clinic. Rami holds a B.A. in Human Development with a focus on Early Childhood and a M.A. in Educational Psychology. Rami resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three children.

research interests/ specialities

Islamic Spirituality, Educational Psychology, Correctional/Forensic Psychology and Islamic Spirituality, Islamic jurisprudence…


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  • Right of Parents, Publisher: Tayba Foundation (October 31, 2013), ISBN: 978-0984480913
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  • Al Muqaddimah al Izziyyah (intermediate Maliki fiqh) (unpublished manuscript) used by Zaytuna Institute (2004-2007) as the course text.
  • Worship (ibadah) sections of Tadrib al Salik (unpublished manuscript) used in online courses such as the Arabic Maliki Fiqh YouTube Channel (link here) hosted by  the Arabic Maliki website from Ahsa, Saudi Arabia (
  • Prayer and Purification of Aqrab al Masalik (unpublished manuscript) used by Zaytuna Institute (2004-2007) as the course text.
  • Ta’leem al Muta’allim translation Published by Tayba Foundation as ADAB 100 How to Study Islam (July 22, 2016).
  • Maharim al Lisaan (Prohibitions of the Tongue) Published by Tayba Foundation as ADAB 102: Prohibitions of the Tongue Paperback – July 8, 2015
  • Waraqat of Imam Al Haramayn (in progress)
  • Introduction to Maliki Fiqh (in progress)
  • Maraqi As-Su’ud (Steps of Ascension) being a text on advanced usul studied in the Mauritanian Mahadara Seminary system (in progress)