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Dr. Abdallah Rothman Executive Director of the International Association of Islamic Psychology, working at the intersection of Islamic spirituality and mental health practice.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC), licensed in the United States and currently living abroad in the UAE.

Dr. Abdallah earned an M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University and earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Kingston University London. He is a student of Professor Malik Badri in Islamic psychology and in addition to his academic training has studied privately with a number of traditional Islamic scholars throughout the Muslim world. Dr. Abdallah’s clinical practice as well as his academic research focus on approaching counseling from within an Islamic paradigm and establishing an indigenous Islamic theoretical orientation to human psychology that is grounded in the knowledge of the soul from the Islamic tradition. He publishes on this topic in books and journal articles and gives presentations, leads interactive workshops, and is invited to public speaking engagements at universities and organizations around the world. He is visiting professor of psychology at Zaim University Istanbul, International Islamic University Islamabad, and Al-Neelain University Khartoum.

Dr. Abdallah has over 15 years’ experience as a counseling psychologist working with individuals, couples and youth in a variety of settings. His experience with many different styles and methods of therapy enable him to offer a well-rounded, versatile approach to counseling. He uses an integrative approach in his practice, which means that he combines different techniques to cater to the unique needs of each client. In addition to Islamic psychotherapy, some of the other methods of therapy he is trained in include; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, and Spiritual Counseling. Abdallah draws on aspects from each of these frameworks and methods as appropriate for the personality of the client as well as the issues with which they are struggling. He does this in a seamless way, creating a comfortable environment that makes it easy for his clients to uncover the core of their issue and attain relief and growth.

research interests/ specialities

Islamic models of psychotherapy/counseling, Islamic contributions to mental health care, Islamic psychology, Islamic spirituality, Tasawwuf, curriculum development of Islamic Psychology training.