NEW KC Book Publication: Applying Islamic Principles to Clinical Mental Health Care: Introducing TIIP

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This text outlines for the first time a structured articulation of an emerging Islamic orientation to psychotherapy, a framework presented and known as Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP).

TIIP is an integrative model of mental health care that is grounded in the core principles of Islam while drawing upon empirical truths in psychology. The book introduces the basic foundations of TIIP, then delves into the writings of early Islamic scholars to provide a richer understanding of the Islamic intellectual heritage as it pertains to human psychology and mental health. Beyond theory, the book provides readers with practical interventional skills illustrated with case studies as well as techniques drawn inherently from the Islamic tradition. A methodology of case formulation is provided that allows for effective treatment planning and translation into therapeutic application. Throughout its chapters, the book situates TIIP within an Islamic epistemological and ontological framework, providing a discussion of the nature and composition of the human psyche, its drives, health, pathology, mechanisms of psychological change, and principles of healing.

Mental health practitioners who treat Muslim patients, Muslim clinicians, students of the behavioral sciences and related disciplines, and anyone with an interest in spiritually oriented psychotherapies will greatly benefit from this illustrative and practical text.


“This book fills a tremendous void in the literature, wherein it provides both a structured theoretical explication of an Islamic Psychotherapy as well as practical guidelines and concrete interventions for clinical practice. It uniquely combines faith and science, creating an integrative bridge for mental health providers in providing therapy within an Islamic spiritual context.” —Harold G. Koenig, Duke University Medical Center, USA

“This is a fascinating and impressive book—theologically, philosophically, and theoretically. The book also contains many helpful insights for the practice of Islamic spiritually integrated psychotherapy. It makes an outstanding contribution to the growing literature about the role of religion and spirituality in mainstream psychology and psychotherapy. I enthusiastically recommend it.” —P. Scott Richards, Brigham Young University, USA

Non-Clinical Intern Watned – Bay Area Posting

Non-clinical Internship 

Company Description:

The Khalil Center is a qualified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit spiritual wellness center advancing the practice of professional psychology rooted in Islamic principles. Using a holistic approach, our clinic aims to integrate cultural and spiritual competence in traditional psychological methodology. We are working to combat the stigmas surrounding mental health with an approach that both acknowledges and incorporates an individual’s own cultural and religious background when designing their treatment plan. Our staff hopes to embody the meaning of the word Khalil (a very close and dear companion) to each client, and believe that it is our duty to show concern, intervene, empathize and safeguard the individuals in our community from suffering through deep compassion.

Job Purpose:

We are looking for a volunteer intern who can reliably support us in general office management tasks. This intern will report to the Office Manager and will assist in keeping the Khalil Center staff and office locations organized.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Our intern will be responsible of

  • Representing Khalil Center as a psychological and spiritual wellness initiative that is rooted in the classical Islamic tradition
  • Preserving client confidentiality in and outside of the office
  • Answering phone calls and providing information regarding our services to interested parties
  • Helping create a folder of standard operating procedures for future staff and interns
  • Compiling packets that will be provided to new clients during intake sessions
  • Attending and maintaining a professional demeanor while representing Khalil Center at different outreach engagements – either with or on behalf of the Outreach Coordinator
  • Scoring different assessments that have been administered to our clients during the course of treatment
  • Entering data and confidential client information into our new Redcap system
  • Assisting in event management
  • Collaborating with our Office Manager, Clinical Director, or other relevant staff members on future projects
  • If interested, being trained as a peer counselor for our newly established crisis hotline

Qualifications and Skills:

The ideal intern

  • Has an understanding of the Bay Area Muslim community and general Islamic etiquettes, customs, and practices
  • Has an interest in mental health advocacy and learning more about our approach to counseling and psychotherapy
  • Is detail oriented and has impeccable written and verbal communication skills
  • Is able to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Thrives while working independently or with a team
  • Is responsible and capable of returning phone calls or emails in a timely fashion
  • Has previous administrative experience

Time commitment:

  • An average of 15-20 hours of volunteer work per week, with some weeks requiring more time than others
  • Hours will be flexible and will vary week by week based on organization’s needs
  • Interns will perform duties on-site at our Union City location, and will attend Khalil Center events or meetings in person as needed


  • Please note that this is an unpaid 6-12 month internship. Interns will be compensated through hands-on experience in a professional, clinical setting.
  • The Khalil Center is open to supervising this intern for academic units in a college or school setting, if applicable.
  • If possible, interns will be invited to attend Khalil Center trainings, seminars or workshops free of charge for their own learning and benefit

Resume and cover letter should be sent to both Dr. Rania Awaad and our Office Manager, Anum Ahmed, at and