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The Four Benefits of Cultivating Self-Awareness

By Sister Heba el-Haddad ‘Al-Dunya’ is an Arabic word that is very frequently used to describe the temporal world that hosts our lives here on earth. Upon taking a closer look, the word dunya stems from the root word  دنو  d-w-n or  دني d-n-y, which means ‘the nearer’ or ‘the lower.’  This word has been mentioned […]

Feeling Overwhelmed with Multiple Demands? Read this….

By Ahmad Jabir Tarin Throughout life human beings face an array of challenges ranging from family, work, social, spiritual-religious, and other interpersonal stressors. In the midst of the intensity of those challenges a feeling of hopelessness can emerge for many of us. Hopelessness can be described as the overwhelming feeling of dread, gloom and doom where […]

Narrative Therapy: My Muslim Identity and My Allegiance

By: Diba Ataie “Where are you from?” I was repeatedly questioned, while traveling. My response was always challenged; an insinuation that I was lying. The person I was interacting with was usually unsatisfied with my answer and this led me to feel irritated. Once I expressed my frustration the empathy grew and others were able […]

The Importance of Self Care

By Dr. Sarah Syed “My kids come first, my family comes first, my job is too busy, I can’t afford it, I don’t have the time.” These are the most common responses heard when someone is recommended to take time for self-care. Many seem to think self-care implies spending money on spa services such as […]

San Bernardino & Paris Attacks: The Psychology of Fear and its Influence on Social Behavior.

Written By:  Hooman Keshavarzi,  Licensed Psychotherapist and Adjunct Professor of Psychology Fear is an incredibly powerful emotion.  Fear is really what we are referring to when we say the words stress and anxiety. According to emotion theory, fear contains both functional and dysfunctional expressions just like in all other emotions.  The functional needs of emotions are […]

Art Therapy in the Muslim Community

Art Therapy in the Muslim Community By:  Jasiah Latifi Art therapy has been proven to be effective in reducing stressors, increasing physical and psychological wellness. For those who are facing fatal illness, art therapy has been utilized to help them cope, psychologically and improve their physiology, “there is evidence that art-based interventions are effective in […]

Social Phobia – Fear of Judgement?

Social Phobia By: Fahad Khan Also known as Social Anxiety Disorder, it is characterized by strong feelings of being judged by others and being embarrassed. Wait… I have these feelings all the time. Do I have this disorder? Having feelings of being judged or being embarrassed is normal to everyone, especially Muslims. Every time we […]