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Job Posting: Donor Relations Associate – Bay Area

Job Title: Donor Relations Associate – Bay Area, CA Reports to: Executive Director and Regional Director Job Narrative The main goals of the position are to a) serve as an assistant to the Executive Director or Director of Development and to work closely with Development Associate for the institution’s localized development strategy to help fund […]

The Protective Factors of Religion and Spirituality in Substance Abuse: A Brief Review of Research

Author: Hooman Keshavarzi The issue of substance abuse is a major concern in the United States of America.  Incidence of substance abuse has been increasing in the past decade.  This is especially a concern and problematic for adolescents as many start to experiment with drugs and alcohol around this time.  Adolescents begin searching for an […]

An Unequal Exchange.

Imagine the following scenario. Imagine you had a friend whom you cared for very deeply. However, that friend did not seem to feel the same way. Imagine this friend rarely ever picked up your phone calls. He or she never responded to your text messages. This friend never wanted to make plans to see you, and if you […]

Lowering the Gaze & Managing Pornography Addiction

By: Hooman Keshavarzi One of the greatest struggles of life, especially for men has been the challenge of desisting from unlawful interactions with the opposite gender.  This is especially difficult on account of this desire being a natural human inclination that is universal to all human beings. Allah (SWT) has made human beings with a […]

Managing Your Anger!

Anger Management Let us begin with a brief discussion of emotions before highlighting the nature of anger and its cures.  According to modern emotion theory, all emotions have both positive and negative manifestations.  They also have fundamental needs that lie beneath the experience of anger.  There are some perceptions that cause particular emotions to emerge, […]

Avicenna’s Influence on Science and Psychology

Much of the focus on the development of modern science and clinical psychology can be historically traced back through the western historical tradition and can be seen as a natural symbiosis of the fields of philosophy and science.  Although, this is a rich legacy that has led us to the present, the traditions present in […]

Understanding Islamically Integrated Therapy:

Psychotherapy is a process of intervention that is rooted in the idea of the “talking cure”.  This process is guided by extensive research done on human behavior and empirically validated ways of intervening to alleviate psychological disarray.  In Islamic terminology, this is an attempt at understanding Allah’s Sunnah (system and structure that Allah has created) […]

New Muslims Stages of Change

It has been observed according to Sue and Sue (2006) that minorities who are put into a foreign environment go through a series of stages of acculturation.  New Muslims often report similarly going through these stages.  The first stage according to this theory is called conformity, where individuals conform completely and whole-heartedly to the new […]

Family Developmental: Stages of the Family Life Cycle

Early Stages – Forming and Nesting I.      Coupling Family Stage marker:   The family begins at the establishment of a common household by two people; this may or may not include marriage. Family Task: Individual independence to couple/dyadic interdependence. II.    Becoming Three – and more Family Stage marker: The second phase in family life is initiated […]