Khalil Center is a recognized and certified clinic for Islamically oriented psychotherapy by the International Association for Islamic Psychology (IAIP).  Khalil Center’s leadership team, Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi, Dr Rania Awaad & Dr Fahad Khan also serve as fellows to the Association and participate in its annual conference.  Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) is also a recognized modality of Islamic psychotherapy by the IAIP and those who complete Khalil Center’s certification in TIIP, would also be eligible to be certified as an Islamic psychotherapist through IAIP and would be listed in the registry on their website.

Khalil Center’s Pre-Doctoral Internship is accredited by the ‘Association of Psychology Post-Doctoral and Internship Centers’.  This means that students in the final year of their clinical psychology doctoral education (pre-doctoral internship) can apply to Khalil Center through the Illinois Psychological Association’s Pre-Doctoral Internship Consortium IPAPIC)

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