Stanford University’s Muslims & Mental Health Lab
Khalil Center’s most important academic affiliation is with Stanford University’s Muslims & Mental Health lab.  This is under the leadership of Dr. Rania Awaad, also the clinical director of KC Bay Area.  Khalil Center’s Bay area clinic is affiliated with the lab which serves to help provide an academic and research home for Khalil Center.  This relationship is consistent with KC’s orientation as a training site and research center, focused on improving its clinical efficacy and adherence to best practices of serving Muslim mental health that is data-driven.

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) – Istanbul, Turkey
Ibn Haldun University  in Istanbul is a visionary Islamic University focusing on the social sciences, offering a uniquely integrated education that provides its students with an exposure to Western and Islamic traditions as it pertains to their subject matter of study.  It is rooted in reviving the philosophical foundations of a holistic Islamic education designed to produce the complete student (al-insan al-kamil).  Such an integrated education focused on intellectual independence is designed to produce students that can navigate and impact the modern world.

Given the mutually shared visions between IHU & Khalil Center, Khalil Center & Ibn Khaldun University have partnered in offering a both an academic track in Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) at the graduate school for clinical psychology and offering practical training for students interested in specializing in this modality of treatment at the newly established Center for Psychological Treatment & Research (CPTR).

Urban Youth Trauma Center – University of Illinois @ Chicago
Khalil Center Chicago is a key community partner of the Urban Youth Trauma Center (UYTC) under the leadership of Dr. Jaleel Abdul Adil.  UYTC is a project predominately funded by SAMHSA that includes a key objective of addressing Muslim Mental Health.  Our academic partnership affords KC to be a beneficiary of the agency consultations to ensure that KC is in line with the best practices of providing behavioral healthcare.  Our program is consistently evaluated for improving our access for behavioral healthcare and optimizing service delivery is addressed through this partnership.