Community Response training

This is an 8-hour hands-on training designed to prepare chaplains, community leaders, and Islamic clergy to effectively understand and respond to psycho-social issues among American Muslims. This course will orient participants to basic empathic listening (preliminary counseling) to American Muslim individuals, couples, and families. The course will provide a framework for how to intervene during an initial crisis, effectively interact and establish a therapeutic relationship, identify limitations/boundaries, understand mandated reporting, clergy rights, how to screen and identify for the possible presence of mental illness, and an orientation to the process of referral to mental health professionals. This course will lay out an Islamically integrated model of counseling and the sequence of topics will highlight practical treatment approaches within the model by integrating modern clinical psychology. This is an experiential course that will involve lecture, discussion, modeling/demonstrations of technique and role-play.

Note: If you are interested in a specific training on a topic such as parenting, youth, or child-rearing, you can contact [email protected].  Due to a high volume of requests, we are not able to accommodate all requests, and most requests will need 4-6 weeks of advanced notice, but we are happy to speak with you to learn more about your community’s needs.