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Guiding the Journey Forward: A Message from Our Executive Director

After thanking and praising Allah and sending salutations upon our Master Muhammad, I wanted to thank our stakeholders, supporters and beneficiaries for making Khalil Center what it is today. Khalil Center now celebrates its 14 years of existence. Starting from a single small office with one practitioner to now being named the largest Muslim Mental Health Clinic in North America with over 50 mental health professionals serving the American Muslim community in our clinics, community spaces and virtually. We recognize that It is a privilege to be able to provide these services to our community members when Islamic mental health services are inaccessible for many of our brothers and sisters around the world facing genocide, oppression, and overall hardship. We thank Allah for the privilege to be able to heal our surrounding communities and ask Allah to continue providing strength and resilience to those in need.

Over the past few years, Khalil Center transformed from being solely a clinic providing clinical services to emerging as an international leader shaping the delivery of mental health services for Muslim communities worldwide. With the inauguration of our School of Islamic Psychology that we intend on continuing to grow over the years, we hope to continue to play a critical role in shaping the field as a whole. Khalil Center is bringing the Prophetic tradition and rich Islamic heritage to the mental health sector, thereby breathing the soul back into psychology. It is re-humanizing mental health services through extensive research and training offered globally. Khalil Center has conducted professional training sessions on the Islamically integrated model of psychotherapy in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Turkey, and Qatar. The influence of Khalil Center's model has been so profound that it inspired the creation of the first graduate degree in the world in Clinical Islamic Psychology, housed in Doha, Qatar.

Today, Khalil Center stands not just as an institution but as a larger movement, comprised of dedicated service providers, employees, advisors, donors, supporters, and beneficiaries. All of whom have played a crucial role in shaping the vision and mission of our organization, crafting an invaluable movement that empowers our communities to be impactful. With your continued support, we will roll out more virtual and in-person community courses and workshops, serve more patients, and train more students. Mental health conversations have evolved significantly over the past 14 years, with an unprecedented interest in mental health. It is essential that we continue to guide the direction of this movement, ensuring that spiritual health remains an essential and instrumental part of mental health treatment.

May Allah accept this work from us, give us sincerity, facilitate healing through us and serve as positive role models and examples of the Islamic tradition.

Your Servant leader,

Dr.Hooman Keshavarzi

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About Khalil Center

Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual community wellness center advancing the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles. Khalil Center is an initiative designed to address the widespread prevalence of social, psychological, familial, relational, and spiritual issues of Muslim communities.

Our Work Is Divided into 3 Areas

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Clinical Services

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Community Education

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School of Islamic Psychology & Research

2023 Clinical Services

Clients Served

Sessions Delivered

Scheduled Appointments

2023 Demographics

Marital Sessions

Family Therapy Sessions

Child Therapy Sessions


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998 N Lombard Rd. Lombard, IL 60148


4 W. 43rd St., Suite 510/520 New York, NY 10036


201 Consumers Rd. Suite 101 M2J4GB, North York, ON


9836 White Oak Ave., Suite 101 Northridge, CA 91325


3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

We offer the following services inspired by the Quran, Sunnah, & our tradition of the spiritual sciences

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy

Marriage Counseling

Premarital Coaching

Psychiatry/Medication Management

Religious Consultation

Psychological Evaluations

Cognitive Assessments

Career Counseling

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Community Education

Khalil Center: Reaching New Heights in Community Education

Khalil Center, a leading organization dedicated to psychological and spiritual well-being, is soaring to new heights in community education. With a remarkable track record of 90 events held both online and in person across 31 cities and 6 countries, their impact on individuals and communities is undeniable.

Through this impressive outreach, Khalil Center has made significant strides in:

1. Expanding Reach:

By venturing beyond physical boundaries and utilizing online platforms, Khalil Center has connected with individuals across diverse locations, facilitating access to valuable knowledge and resources regardless of geographical constraints.

2. Diversifying Audiences:

Reaching 38 cities and 5 countries demonstrates their ability to engage with a wide range of communities, promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging.

3. Addressing Diverse Needs:

With 120 events covering a variety of topics, Khalil Center has catered to a multitude of needs and interests. This tailored approach ensures individuals can access knowledge and support relevant to their specific challenges and aspirations.

4. Utilizing Technology:

Leveraging online platforms has enabled Khalil Center to reach a wider audience, overcome geographical limitations, and provide real-time access to information and resources.

5. Creating a Global Community:

By fostering connections across borders and cultures, Khalil Center is building a global community united by shared values and a commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Khalil Center's dedication to community education is truly commendable. As they continue to reach new heights, their impact on individuals and communities will undoubtedly continue to grow, leaving a lasting legacy of well-being and positive change.

Khalil Center values the education of the greater Muslim community as we build a movement of psycho-spiritual integration beyond our walls. Our community education strives to strengthen the following:


Family Cohesion


Pre-Marital Awareness

Character Development + Growth

Socio-Emotional Well-Being for Children

Youth Development

Individual Resilience

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School of Islamic Psychology & Research

Khalil Center is devoted to the advancement of the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles. We focus on the production of intersectional research between the Islamic and behavioral sciences. Our mission is to further the development, dissemination, training and practice of Islamically integrated mental healthcare - otherwise known as “Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP)”

We strive to actualize this vision through the following areas:

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Clinical Training

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Professional Clinical Education

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First Ever APA Journal Publication

Application of Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) and Its Clinical Outcome on Psychological Distress Among American Muslims in Outpatient Therapy

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The Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) model has now been proven and is officially recognized as an evidence based modality for the Muslim population. Conducted By Khalil Center’s Executive Director, Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi and Deputy & Clinical Director of Khalil Center, Dr.Fahad Khan, the one year study published in the American Psychological Association (APA) Journal demonstrates the efficacy of coupling Islam with the science of psychology, with 97% of patients expressing desire to discuss religious/ spiritual issues in counseling, therefor showcasing its significant contribution toward reducing psychological distress.

In Progress Publications

• Islamic Generalized Anxiety Disorder Workbook

• Classical Themes in Islamic Psychology: A Primary Source Reader

• Classical Islamic Scholarly Works for Application in Modern Psychology.

• A validated Traditional Inventory of Islamic Virtues (TIIV)

• A Forty Hadith Reader for Practitioners of Islamic Psychology.

• Personality Disorders: Islamic Perspectives on Conceptualization and Intervention.

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Clinical Training

Khalil Center is committed to providing students of psychology ample opportunities to progress in their careers and build the skillsets needed to effectively serve the greater Muslim community. Our training programs afford students unique advantages which include weekly supervisions, varying modes of therapy, research, training, case conceptualizations, and more.

Our training programs include the following:

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Internships

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

TIIP Supervision

2023 At A Glance

Interns Graduated
Hours of Didactic Training Delivered
TIIP Supervision Groups Conducted

Lifetime At A Glance

Interns Graduated
Hours of Didactic Training Delivered
TIIP Students Completed Supervision
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Professional Education

Khalil Center values the education of the greater Muslim community as we build a movement of psycho-spiritual integration and reform beyond our walls. We hope to inspire and educate the next generation of Muslims psychologists and therapists that will pave the way for more healing and tranquility.

Khalil Center's Flagship TIIP Training Has Gone Global!

This year, Khalil Center held its first ever, international training on the TIIP (Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy) modality at the famous Süleymaniye Madrasah in Istanbul, Turkey.

7 International Trainings Held at These Locations:

event school

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Chicago, Illinois, USA


The Suleymaniye Madrasah
Istanbul, Turkey


RIPHAH International University
Islamabad, Pakistan

pakistan school

Shifa University
Islamabad, Pakistan

Students from Across The World:

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Our Team

Khalil Center is proud to have a diverse team of qualified, experienced, and licensed therapists diligently serving the mental health needs of the Muslim community. Our vital work is only possible through their passion and dedication.


  • Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi

  • Bilal Ali Ansari

  • Mohsin Khan

  • Halil Demir


  • Akrama Hashmi

  • Deema Bakleh

  • Dr. Dilek McCombs

  • Dr. Fahad Khan

  • Dr. Hamza Quadri

  • Dr. Muheeb Giwa

  • Dr. Samar Harfi

  • Dr. Sarah Syed

  • Fatima Siddiqi

  • Humeraa Khoda

  • Kareema Abdallah

  • Lujain Mahmoud

  • Maria Habeeb

  • Rabiah Dayala

  • Rafay Raziuddin

  • Rama Atieh

  • Shireen Musleh

  • Sujod Bdaiwi

  • Tariq Elsaid

  • Yasmin Abdelmawla

  • Jennah Owda

Los Angeles

  • Aciah Atayee

  • Ala Namaan

  • Amin Momand

  • Fatima Wahab

  • Fiaz Zubair Syed

  • Humera Sheikh

  • Humna Ali

  • Nursel Hussain

  • Sarah Rahman

  • Suhail Mulla

  • Tabari Zahir

  • Pauline Rivera

  • Usman Khan

Santa Clara

  • Cody Sana Qureshi

  • Ghazia Hassan

  • Heba El-Haddad

  • Nabia Hosy Nasimi

  • Sabreen Azhar

  • Sumayyah Rawashdeh

New York

  • Mohammed ElFiki

  • Venus Mahmoodi


  • Emad Alarashi

  • Fatima Baig

  • Fatima Qureshi

  • Munsif Mubarak

  • Rumia Owaisi

  • Raniya Syed

  • Sadiyah Chauhan

  • Sajida Gangat

  • Sobia Mahmood

  • Sumayya Mehmood

KC Online

  • Enes Kaban

  • Mohamed Sattar

  • Musa Sugapong

  • Naveed Bajwa

  • Saliha Büsra Selman

  • Unaiza Malik


Academic Partnerships

Khalil Center takes pride in the academic partnerships it has with various reputable institutions internationally. These strategic relationships help Khalil Center consistently offer professional trainings and education to a wide range of students across the globe.

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Your monthly gift to Khalil Center will help us to continue providing essential services to Muslim communities around the world and develop new and innovative programs that address the emerging needs of our communities.

Khalil Center is the largest provider of Muslim mental health services in North America with:


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Scheduled Appointments


Clients Served

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